12 AMAZING Abs Exercises Of All Time

If your goal is to get quick abs, it’s important to do a combination of exercises that will target all these different areas of your abdominal wall, like the ones listed below. In addition to instructions on how to perform each move, directly from Anna herself, you will also find information about the specific areas of your abdominals that they target. Just choose a few abdominal exercises from the list below and turn them into the ultimate workout for the abs.
Running time: 15 minutes
Equipment: None
Good for: Abs, core
Instructions: Choose three moves below. For each move, do 15 repetitions, then move on to the next move. Repeat two to three times the entire three-shot circuit.
1. Assisted inverted seating
How to do this: Start by lying on your left side, resting most of the weight on your left hip, legs in the air at a 45-degree angle, and place the left forearm on the floor to support it. Bend your knees closer to the chest, and lift your chest to meet them. Start with your lower back. He’s a representative. Do 15 repetitions on each side.
Good for: oblique and transverse abdominals

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